An Exhibitionist product

Hypertickets are a modern way to distribute your museum and festival tickets. They can be easily integrated with any Tessitura installation.

  1. One link, all orders

    No more weeding through multiple emails. All orders are consolidated into one link.

  2. Easy installation

    Hypertickets are one click install. Works out of the box in TNEW and can be used in custom integrations

  3. Secure, modern, fast

    Hypertickets offer a secure, device-agnostic web link, auto-updating with order changes and QR codes that refresh upon scanning.

  4. Mobile friendly and customisable

    Optimised for mobile, Hypertickets offer customisable, mobile-friendly design options that reflect your organisation's identity.

  5. Scalping prevention

    Ticket QR codes can be hidden until the day of the performance.

  6. Operating at scale

    Hypertickets have been used as the default ticket distribution for Museum of Old and New Art, RISING, Dark Mofo and Mona Foma.

  7. Resales

    Hypertickets allow your customers and staff to manage resale functionality through tessitura or with 3rd party providers

  8. Add-ons

    Hyperticket can be an all-in-one digital touchpoint with onsite wayfinding, audio guides, and customisable information for enhanced customer engagement.

Museum of Old and New Art

Museum of Old and New Art background image grain effect for blurred backgroundMuseum of Old and New Art example ticket

Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo background imagegrain effect for blurred backgroundDark Mofo example ticket


RISING background imagegrain effect for blurred backgroundRISING example ticket

RISING / UP sponsorship

RISING / UP sponsorship background imagegrain effect for blurred backgroundRISING / UP sponsorship example ticket