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An Exhibitionist product

Hypertickets are a modern way to distribute your museum and festival tickets. They can be easily integrated with any ticketing purchase pathway (TNEW, API, heck, even phone orders will work).

Compatible with Tessitura v15+

Throw those PDFs in the bin!human throwing tickets in bin

One link, all orders

No more weeding through multiple emails. All orders are consolidated into one link.

Secure, modern, and fast

Much like an airline ticket, vistors will be presented with a secure web link. It will work on any device with an internet connection.

Mobile friendly

We've watched visitors awkwardly pinch and zoom clunky PDFs for years, Hypertickets are built with modern devices and digital culture in mind.

Dynamically updated

Hypertickets automatically update when orders are changed. QR codes update on scan!

Fully customisable

Hypertickets dont involve a skinning process like many other platforms. We work with your design and communications teams (or our in-house designers) to design a look and feel that is unique to your organisation.

Bespoke locking mechanism

Ticket QR codes can be hidden until the day of the performance. We want to make it difficult for scalpers and evil do-ers.

Operating at scale

Hypertickets have been used as the default ticket distribution for Museum of Old and New Art, RISING, Dark Mofo and Mona Foma.

crowd of humans

Hypertickets have been served to hundreds of thousands of humans.

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Museum of Old and New Art

Museum of Old and New Art background imagegrain effect for blurred backgroundMuseum of Old and New Art example ticket

Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo background imagegrain effect for blurred backgroundDark Mofo example ticket


RISING background imagegrain effect for blurred backgroundRISING example ticket

RISING / UP sponsorship

RISING / UP sponsorship background imagegrain effect for blurred backgroundRISING / UP sponsorship example ticket